SDK Integration

Integrating Metis SDK into the codebase generates distributed traces and sends them to our servers for further analysis.
The SDK generates distributed traces following the OpenTelemetry Traces specification. The distributed trace contains:
  • The REST command
  • All the SQL commands generated in this call
  • The execution plan of each SQL command.
By default, the SDK generates the Estimated execution plans. The Estimated plans are quick to generate but less accurate. For more information about the differences between the Estimated and the Actual plan, and considerations on when to use each type, look at Metis Building Blocks.

Supported Frameworks

Python SQLAlchemy + Flask Python SQLAlchemy + FastAPI
Node.js pg Supports native pg driver and all ORM's that are built on top of Postgres driver for JS. List of supported ORM's
Prisma + Express Prisma + NestJS

How it Works