Set Up

Enrich the Insights Engine with metadata from your Production Environment
Only Postgres 12 and higher is supported.

Deploy PMC using CloudFormation

Open our CloudFormation Template and use the following guide-
  1. 1.
    Make sure the following link populates the field Template URL
AWS Quick Create Stack
2. Name the stack. The default name is MetisMetadataCollector.
3. Enter a valid Cluster Name where you want to launch the PMC.
4. Enter the Connection string to the database you would like to collect metadata from, in the following pattern-
postgresql://user:[email protected]:port/database_name
You can also collect metadata from multiple databases by chaining multiple Connection Strings with a ; between them.
For Example-
postgresql://user:[email protected]:port/database_name;postgresql://user:[email protected]:port/database_name;postgresql://user:[email protected]:port/database_name;postgresql://user:[email protected]:port/database_name
4. Enter your API Key in MetisAPIKey field.
5. Choose a Security Group, make sure it has access to your database.
6. Choose a Subnet ID. If you run your database on AWS, make sure it's in the same VPC as your database's VPC.
7. Select the 3 checkboxes to acknowledge the AWS operations.
Click on Create Stack.