Since our SDK collects actual query data, we advise our users to not install it in Production Environment, as it will expose Metis to users' data, and might slow down performance.

How it Works

The Production Metadata Collector (PMC) collects metadata from your production database. It then uses the metadata to predict how queries from Local and Staging environments would perform on your real production database, without actually running them on it.
Since the collector was designed for the Production env, it was built using the following principles:

Data Security

The collector only pushes data out and never listens to external requests.

Data Privacy

The collector collects metadata, such as tables structure, tables size, indexes structure, schema and functions.


Super efficient SQL queries which work on the system catalog and finish in less than 1 second. The queries run every 4-24 hours.


The code is Open Source (MIT license).

View Collected Metadata

Note the PMC on the right side
Metadata from PMC