Using the Metis Command Line Interface (CLI)


  • Analyze query performance.
  • View the schema. Detect problems and violations of best practices
  • Connect to an AWS RDS to view its configuration and performance
  • Connect to an AWS RDS to view the query log
The current version of the Metis CLI supports only Postgres 12 or higher. MySQL 8 support is coming soon.

Great Developer Experience (DX)

Metis CLI was built by developers for developers. To provide a great DX the CLI has:
  • Autocomplete - So you won't need to remember the commands and their parameters
  • Built-in help. Run doc(command-name) to see a detailed explanation, with examples, of how to use each command.
  • Colors and text boxes for easy reading.
  • Seamless integration with the web app for a deeper analysis and great visualization.

CLI Mode or REPL Mode

The CLI can work in two modes: 1. A classic single-line CLI command 2. An interactive CLI
The single-line CLI was built for automation, a single command contains all the necessary information to execute. While the interactive mode allows the user to explore the data.